2014 Ambassador Award

2014 ABHA Ambassador Award

Oliver Wendell Holmes once said: Too many, the words love, hope, and dreams are synonymous with horses.

For more than thirty years, Judy Sirbasku, along with her late husband Jim, and side-by-side with Shawn Crews, have bred and shown champion straight Egyptian horses of national and international acclaim. But more importantly, they are tireless ambassadors of the Arabian breed.

Mark Twain once proclaimed: To get the full value of joy, you must have someone to divide it with…..

Never content to keep the blessings of their love for the Arabian horse to themselves, they have opened their farm and their hearts to countless people with the goal of sharing the joy.  

Arabians Limited developed landmark programs for newcomers with a goal of introducing this beautiful breed to others, demonstrating the lasting benefits of a lifestyle embracing the Arabian horse.  Hundreds of new Arabian horse enthusiasts have gathered at their farm to experience their passion firsthand.  They have embraced Judy’s heartfelt love and dedication to the breed.  They have witnessed Shawn’s masterful presentation of horses in the show arena, as well as her infectious and invincible positive attitude.  Perhaps more importantly, many of those who were first introduced to the breed at Arabians Limited have then gone forward to create their own influential breeding programs.  

The philosophy of Judy Sirbasku and Shawn Crews demonstrates what it means to be true ambassadors for these magical horses.  Perhaps their own words say it best:

The success of Arabians Limited has never been measured by the numerous championships won in the show ring, the reputations of the stallions, or the ownership of world-renowned broodmares.  Our true measure of success lies in providing educational services, hands-on involvement, and social activities for the benefit of others.

Through Judy Sirbasku and Shawn Crews, so many have had their first thrilling glimpse of the lofty trot of a magnificent stallion, the kind and loving eyes of a beautiful broodmare, or that enchanting high-pitched whinny of a new-born foal.  They have shared with Judy and Shawn the thrill of their first blue ribbon in the show arena, the heartbreak of losing a beloved companion, and the camaraderie of sharing a lifelong passion for the noblest breed of horse.

Judy Sirbasku and Shawn Crews truly exemplify what it means to be an Ambassador of the Arabian horse.

We are proud to present the 2014 ABHA Ambassador Award sponsored by Murray and Shirley Popplewell to Judy Sirbasku and Shawn Crews.



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