AHBA Legacy Futurity Information

Payouts for the 2014 Legacy Futurity classes

 To be awarded to the winners of classes offered at the 2014 ABWC Show in Las Vegas - April 10th-13th, 2014



AHBA Legacy Futurity Yearling Fillies 
(ATH) Class 451 

Gold = $4,815.00  

Silver = $2,675.00  

Top Five (Remaining) = $1070 each


AHBA Legacy Futurity Yearling Colts/Geldings (ATH) Class 452 

Gold = $4,815.00  

Silver = $2,675.00  

Top Five (Remaining) = $1070 each


Total Payout - $21,400.00




New Opportunities For Breeders began in 2013!


In 2013, the Arabian Horse Breeders Alliance launched the very first AHBA Legacy Futurity Classes

for Yearling Fillies & Colts at the 7th Annual Breeders World Cup in Las Vegas! 



AHBA Legacy Futurity Information:

1. The long-term plan for the AHBA Legacy Futurity is that the prize money for the payout for these special classes for Yearling Fillies and Colts will come from two sources:
      1) Nomination Fees of $100 per nominated foal each year, and
      2) Entry fees for the Legacy Futurity Classes.

2. The horses eligible for the AHBA Legacy Futurity classes will consist of any nominated foal sired by an AHBA Nominated Stallion. Each foal must be officially nominated prior to December 31 of the year prior to the birth of the foal.

3. The Legacy Futurity classes will be held at the World Cup Las Vegas Show and will consist of a Legacy Futurity class for Yearling Fillies and a Legacy Futurity class for Yearling Colts.

The total prize money collected from the Legacy Futurity nomination fees and the entry fees for each Legacy Futurity class will be divided by 50%, with equal amounts paid out for each of the two Legacy Futurity classes. For example, 50% of the total amount contributed will be allocated for the Legacy Futurity Yearling Filly Class in 2013 and 50% of the total amount contributed will be allocated for the Legacy Futurity Yearling Colt Class in 2013.

Prize money will be awarded in each class to the Class Champion, Class Reserve Champion, and the remaining three horses making up the Top Five.

4. The Legacy Futurity Classes will be Amateur to Handle (ATH) classes. They will be conducted and judged in the same manner as the other halter classes at the Las Vegas Show. Winners of the Legacy Futurity Classes will not be eligible for the regular Las Vegas Show Junior Champion classes. However, horses entered in the Legacy Futurity Class can also be entered in the regular Las Vegas halter classes.

5. The AHBA Stallion Auction will be conducted each year. The AHBA Board reserves the right to change the time and place of the auction. Stallions in the Auction must be nominated by an AHBA Stallion Rights Holder. Each Stallion Rights Holder can nominate a maximum of two stallions for each Auction. One of the Stallions nominated by a Rights Holder must be owned by the Stallion Rights Holder. Stallions Rights Holders have two options to select within 60 days after the completion of the Stallion Auction:
1) The Stallion Right Holder MAY pay any deficit on the final auction bid price as necessary to bring the breeding price up to the $2,500.00 level and thereby earn the right for the Stallion Owner to nominate, in addition to foal nominated by the successful bidder, ONE mare in foal to this stallion for the resulting Futurity class, OR 
2) The Stallion Right Holder can elect to NOT pay the deficit required to bring the breeding price up to the $2,500.00 level which thereby ELIMINATES the Stallion Rights Holder's right to nominate one mare in foal to this stallion. If Option 2 is selected, the only foal eligible for the AHBA Futurity Classes will be the Successful Auction bidders for the AHBA Futurity Classes. In all cases, the successful Auction bidder will retain their mare nomination right as long as the $1,000.00 minimum bid is guaranteed and paid to AHBA by the Stallion Right Holder.

6. The number of AHBA Founding Stallion Rights Holders will be limited to 25, with each Founding Rights Holder having the ability to nominate two stallions for the Auction. The one-time fee to become an AHBA Founding Stallion Rights Holder will be $2,500. After the initial 25 Stallion Founding Rights Holders are committed, the AHBA may consider a limited number of additional Rights Holders at a higher initiation fee than the Founding Rights Holders. Individual Stallion nominations for the Stallion Auction will be $500 per stallion per year.