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AHBA Ambassador Award

AHBA Ambassador Award Recipients 2009 AHBA Ambassador Award Patrick Swayze  Patrick Swayze – Mega Movie Star, Arabian Horseman, and Friend August 1952 – September 2009  Late in the evening of Monday, September 14 th , I was working on my computer. I went to the internet in search of some data about an Arabian horse and I saw the news headline, “’Dirty Dancing’ star Patrick Swayze dies at 57”. It stopped me cold. I sat for a moment and then I turned off my computer – I had had enough. I went out and sat on the patio, I looked up at the stars in the black, velvety sky and thought to myself, the Arabian horse, and the people of the Arabian horse industry have lost a dear

AHBA Breeders Cup Award

AHBA Breeders Cup Award Recipients 2012 Breeders Cup Winner: Michael Byatt - Michael Byatt Arabians Breeders of Distinction: Larry Jerome - Jerland Farms Robert & Dixie North - North Arabians Rhoda Coleal - Coleal Arabians Richard Dewalt - Illusion Arabians Brent Stone - Enzo Ltd. 2011 Breeders Cup Winner: Kirk Bardole - oOne LLC   Breeders of Distinction:  Greg & Veronica Cowdrey - Southwest Arabians Holly Dillin Manny Lawrence - Jade Creek Arabians Richard DeWalt - Illusion Arabians Mark Davis & Cindy McGown - Royal Arabians    2010 Sigi Constanti & Janina Merz - Om El Arab International   2009 Michalow State Stud - Poland Jerzy & Urszula Bialobok,

AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award

AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award Recipients     2012 AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Aloysio Andrade de Faria Haras Fortaleza, Brazil View Video   2011 AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award The Polish State Studs   - Poland     2010 AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award Mrs. Bazy Tankersley Al Marah Aarabians - USA     2009 AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award Dr. Hans Nagel Gestüt Katharinenhof - Germany Dr. Hans Nagel's Tribute Video     2008 AHBA Lifetime Achievement Award Mrs. Judy Forbis   Ansata Arabian Stud- USA